Why the SEO is so Important

Why the SEO is so Important


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The SEO is an important step to generate traffic on your website. There are 3 main aspects involving SEO. The first and most important is represented by links. The second most important is the quality of the content that you provide to your audience. The third and last is social media. Of course there are other less important aspects such as keeping your code clean and follow google’s web master guidelines and policies.


Creating Back-links to your website is crucial step for a good SEO. Its recommended that you create profiles on Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. This will create reliable back-links to your website. An average of 18 back-links will tell Google and other search engines that your website is reliable and it will generate good traffic on your website.


Nowadays, content is king. Even though its time consuming and painful, it pays off. Creating good content for you audience is not easy, so here it is my advise to you:

  • Write to people like your are talking to a child.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Always include images on your posts.

Social Media

Create social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter as well as on Google Plus and Pinterest. Initiate conversations and remember that you are part of an online community. Be your self and never be rude. Remember that there are no stupid questions. There are stupid answers! And that people will be seeing what you do online.


In conclusion, a good a SEO strategy must have 18 good and reliable backlinks to your website, excellent content and good social media relations. At Rio X Marketing we offer smart and sophisticated SEO solutions to get your brand, product or service exposed on the internet.

In your opinion, what are the other important aspects on a SEO strategy?

Marcio Resende Resende
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